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I am so glad you have reached this page! Please fill in the form below and submit any necessary screening in order to get a date organised. I can't wait to meet you. 

Best wishes, 


Based in London, UK - available worldwide by appointment 


Travelling is one of my passions in life and I would be delighted to hop on a plane and meet you on the city of your choice. Some of my favourite cities include London, Paris, Monaco, Nice, Zurich, Milan, Rome, Dubai, Singapore, Shanghai. 


USA: March Dates 6th-13th ( Chicago, Ohio, NYC, Philidiapa, Texas, Detroit, Boston)

Istanbul, Turkey: May 20th - 27th

Australia : Summer 2023

Portugal & Spain : Spring/Summer 2023

Switzerland: Summer 2023 (Geneva and Zurich)
Australia : Summer 2023

Singapore: Summer 2023

Dubai: Winter 2023

Please check your junk for a response. I look forward to starting our journey! 

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